Altfield Gallery – 2 Antique Shops in Hong Kong

Altfield Gallery has two antique shops in Hong Kong, one at Landmark Prince’s (10 Chater Road) and another within Gee Chang Hong Centre (65 Wong Chuk Hang Road).

Founded in 1980 by Amanda Clark and David Halperin, the company is one of Hong Kong’s leading antique galleries that has a focus on 18th and early 19th century Chinese furniture.

Today, the antiques company also deals in Southeast Asian sculptures, 19th and 20th century Burmese silver, and contemporary silver made hand-worked in traditional forms, antique and modern Indian gold jewellery, maps and topographical prints relating to Asia, Japanese works of art, as well as antique Chinese and Tibetan carpets.

Altfield Gallery Landmark Prince's - Antique Shops in Hong Kong.

Landmark Prince’s.

The Gallery holds regular exhibitions throughout the year (8-10 per year) to showcase its specialities.

Of the locations, the main gallery is at Landmark Prince’s building, next to the Mandarin Hotel, in the heart of central business district.

Altfield Gallery - Landmark Prince's - Antique Shops in Hong Kong.

The other antique gallery location, in business since 2006 and available by appointment only, Altfield Gallery Annex at Gee Chang Hong Centre, features higher ceilings, where larger pieces of exquisite antiques and furniture can be displayed.

Altfield Gallery Locations & Opening Hours – Antique Shops in Hong Kong

Gee Chang Hong Centre
65 Wong Chuk Hang Road, 9th Floor, Gee Chang Hong Centre
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: By Appointment Only

Landmark Prince’s
10 Chater Road, Shop 249, Landmark Prince’s
Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-19:00, Sunday 11:00-17:00

To learn more about Altfield Gallery antique shops in Hong Kong, the best place to do so is the official website.

The official website is a great resource for keeping an eye on the stores’ exhibitions, information related to antiques in Hong Kong, and much more.