Armani/Fiori Flower Shop in Hong Kong

Italian flower and floral décor shop Armani/Fiori is located within Landmark shopping center in Hong Kong, at 11 Chater Road.

Established in 2000, Armani/Fiori brings the sophisticated simplicity of the enduring elegant Armani style to the world of flowers.

Armani/Fiori flower shop Landmark Hong Kong.

For designer Giorgio Armani, the relationship between clothes and living areas is both harmonious and on a continuum.

At the Hong Kong boutique, you can find floral arrangements and decorative elements with clean lines and in sophisticated colors, as signs of private luxury that are never ostentatious.

Armani/Fiori has a complete and personalized service, where each client, from private customers to hotel clients and companies, is expertly guided through the selection of their ideal floral arrangements or décor.

Each Armani/Fiori element (including objets d’art, vases, flowerpots, candles, and lanterns) is carefully studied to bring out the best in the flower arrangements in relation to the area they will be placed in and the needs for which they have been chosen for.

As for the floral selection, the finest Armani/Fiori flowers come mainly from Holland. The store has a large selection of orchids, as well as exotic and tropical flowers alongside more traditional flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, and peonies.

The arrangements, personally selected by Giorgio Armani, are linear and contemporary, with a sense of timeless elegance where flowers and leaves are treated like architectural components that express a sense of pure geometry.

For floral décor selection features vases and decorative elements which complement and define the floral arrangements and with the personalized service, you can be sure that all you needs are met.

The clean-lined vases are crafted in precious materials, and showcase modern designs that focus on the importance of established geometric shapes, such as cylinders, cubes, and rhomboids.

The choice of additional materials, meanwhile, also provides a rich texture and a sophisticated color palette: alabaster, black marble, and lacquered wood in warm hues.

Armani/Fiori Landmark
11 Chater Road, Shop 110-111, 1/F, Landmark Chater
Central, Hong Kong
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm

In addition to Hong Kong, you can find exclusive Armani/Fiori boutiques in several international locations.

These locations include Milan (Italy), Munich (Germany), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Dubai (UAE), Taichung (Taiwan), and Seoul (South Korea).