Kai Kai Dessert Shop in Hong Kong

Kai Kai Dessert shop in Hong Kong operates within Jordan district, at 29 Ning Po Street.

Visiting the place, you’ll discover a Michelin guide listed traditional Cantonese dessert shop that is popular among the locals and tourists alike.

Thanks to having been listed on the recommended list by Michelin (initially in 2016), the dessert shop has become a favourite of many Hong Kong celebrities such as Chow Yuen Fatt and Mimi Chu.

Kai Kai Dessert Hong Kong.

On the menu, customer favourites include Chinese Almond Sweet Soup, Sweet Walnut Paste, Black Sesame Paste, Stewed White Fungus with Papaya, Sweet Sesame Rice Balls in Ginger Sweet Soup, and Mango Sago with Pomelo.

Overall, many come to the dessert shop for their traditional Cantonese-style sweet soups featuring freshly prepared ingredients in carefully balanced proportions for an ideal flavour and texture.

As for atmosphere, the interiors are very basic, but provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to enjoying your delicious meal.

Kai Kai Dessert Shop in Hong Kong
29 Ning Po Street, G/F
Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12:00-24:00

To learn more about the dessert outlet, you can follow their official Facebook channel at facebook.com/kaikai.dessert.hongkong/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll stay up to date on the shop’s menu items, changes to the opening hours, and much more.