Miss Paris and Dandy House Beauty Spa in Hong Kong

Japanese beauty spa Miss Paris and Dandy House operates within Harbour City’s VitaHarbour City, World Commerce Centre (11 Canton Road).

The spa consists of two separate services created by Japan’s Shape Up House (founded in 1984): Miss Paris for women’s beauty treatments and Dandy House, which offers beauty treatments for men.

Miss Paris & Dandy House beauty spa VitaHarbour City Hong Kong.

At Miss Paris, beauty treatments for women include facial care, slimming, hair removal, and bridal treatments.

Among the core principles of how Miss Paris operates are utilizing the latest technologies, the best methods for achieving results, high quality products, safe and effective tools, and comfortable salon environments.

As for Dandy House, men have access to beauty services ranging from tightening treatments (muscle toning, tightening up), hair removal (beard, chest & stomach, legs, arms), facial care treatments (swelling, sagginess, double chins), weight loss programs, as well as men’s treatments for weddings.

Miss Paris and Dandy House Beauty Spa Harbour City
11 Canton Road, Shop 1008-9, Level 10, VitaHarbour City, World Commerce Centre
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-8pm
Services: Slimming, Facial Care, Hair Removal, Bridal Esthestic

You can learn more about the available treatments and prices at the official websites for Miss Paris and Dandy House (www.miss-paris.com
and www.dandy-house.com).

In addition to Japan and Hong Kong, you can find Miss Paris and Dandy House salons in Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan.