NOESA Cosmetics Store in Hong Kong (CLOSED)

German luxury cosmetics brand NOESA has one boutique in Hong Kong, located within Harbour City’s Ocean Centre (3-27 Canton Road). (UPDATE 2023: THE SHOP HAS CLOSED)

Founded by Gerd Gerken in 2004, NOESA provides cosmetics that have been developed with “the science of spontaneous beauty” and Satori Effect, a short-term body-mind form of enlightenment.

NOESA cosmetics store Harbour City Hong Kong.

NOESA takes a novel approach to skincare cosmetics, supplying the skin with core elements that it needs, including energizing macromolecules and natural biophotons that plants create during the process of photosynthesis.

The brand’s product range includes solutions ranging from anti-aging (stimulating the build-up of new cells) to specialist treatments for freeing cells from dangerous stress hormones (detox).

In Hong Kong, You can purchase NOESA’s skin tonics, cleansing cosmetics, body milks, hand creams, suncreams, soft peeling creams, glow booster serums, day potency gels, anti aging concentrates, night nutrition milks, eye firming essences, decollete reviving lotions, anti wrinkle repair masks, double moisturizers…

…super skin cosmetics, super whitening creams, super hand creams, super look creams, collagen promoters, daily lifting creams, glamour cosmetics, body care creams, relaxing body care products, shower body care, aura attractor products…

…mood perfumes (optimism-vitality, superiority-courage, happiness-bliss, sensual love-attractiveness, self-confidence-autonomy, tolerance-goodness, creativity-lucidity, peace-satisfaction), NOESA fragrances, Aromas for Rooms, Blossom Selection, intense skin care solutions (anti wrinkle, vitalization, moisturizing), Absolute Edition skincare, and Private Products.

3-27 Canton Road, Shop OC222, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

In addition to going to the physical store, you can shop for NOESA cosmetics online, at the company’s official webstore.

The official webstore, at, features detailed information about each of the products, such as active ingredients, effects, and how to use.