The Artist House Craft Beer Bar in Hong Kong (CLOSED)

Experimental craft beer venue The Artist House is located within Hong Kong’s Fashion Walk shopping centre, at 9 Kingston Street. (UPDATE 2023: THE BAR HAS CLOSED)

Founded by Olivier Gilson and Benjamin Cox in 2015, The Artist House provides 360 degrees of experiences around the world of craft beer.

The Artist House craft beer bar at Fashion Walk mall in Hong Kong.

Main features at 3,200 sq ft The Artist House include a bar (selection of fine artisan spirits, craft beer cocktails, craft beers), infusion based micro brewery (an Infusion Laboratory to create unique brews)…

…innovative coffee shop (farm-to-cup sourced coffees, cold brewing, cocktails), craft pastries and bakery (specially created range of pastries based on craft beer ingredients)…

The Artist House craft beer, available in Hong Kong.

…hydroponic aqua-farm (an in-house supply of spices, edible flowers and herbs), as well as a fragrances laboratory (tailor-made fragrances originated from the aqua-farm used to personalise your craft beer aroma).

The Artist House Fashion Walk (UPDATE 2023: THE BAR HAS CLOSED)
9 Kingston Street, Shop G4, 1/F, Fashion Walk
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Hours: Monday 2pm-6pm, Tuesday-Wednesday 2pm-11pm, Thursday-Saturday 2pm-12midnight, Sunday 2pm-11pm

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