YATA Supermarkets in Hong Kong

YATA Supermarket chain has four locations in Hong Kong, including a 32,100 sq ft store at the Kwun Tong apm shopping mall (418 Kwun Tong Road).

The Japanese-style supermarkets are primarily devoted to delivering fine and reliable commodities from Japan to Hong Kong customers.

YATA Supermarket apm Shopping Mall Hong KongYATA, which also operates three modern Japanese lifestyle department stores in Hong Kong, was originally (1990 in Shatin) set up under the name SEIYU.

The current name, which has been in use since April 2008, comes from the Japanese phrase “yatta”, which means “I made it”.

YATA name, together with the logo of a smiling shopping bag, symbolizes, a business concept to provide a one-stop shopping environment to HK customers with excellent articles for daily use.

Today, YATA supermarket chain has locations in Kwun Tong, San Po Kong, Tuen Mun, Mong Kok, and Kwun Tong.

Biggest of these locations is YATA Kwun Tong apm, featuring a creative Japanese design over an area of 32,100 sq ft.

YATA Supermarket Kwun Tong has been divided into four themes of “Eat Fresh”, “Buy Fresh”, “Young Trendies”, and “Fashion Savvy”, making the place one of the must-visit shopping destinations for younger generation.

On the other hand, YATA Tuen Mun V City (27,000 sq ft) is one a great supermarket for parents with children.

There is a dedicated YATA Baby Town area of 1,800 sq ft within the V City supermarket, providing a one-stop service for parents in a hurry.

YATA Baby Town area has all the daily necessities available, from quality furniture and baby care products to healthy organic baby food.

San Po Kong Mikiki YATA is a true Japanese style supermarket, containing areas such as “Snacks corner”, “Processed meat shop”, “Noodle Corner”, and “Self-service source bar”.

Finally, YATA Grand Century Place is an express supermarket, with a shopping area of 12,000 sq ft.

The Grand Century Place premises include three Japanese restaurants, serving Japanese snacks, deep fried food, and fusion cuisine.

YATA Supermarket locations in Hong Kong

YATA Supermarket Kwun Tong apm Shopping Mall
418 Kwun Tong Road, LG-1 & LG-3
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-11pm

YATA Supermarket San Po Kong Mikiki
638 Prince Edward Road East, LG
San Po Kong, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10:30pm

YATA Supermarket Tuen Mun V City
Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, G/F
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 9am-10:30pm

YATA Supermarket Mongkok Grand Century Place MOKO
193 Prince Edward Road West, L3 321-342
Mongkok, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

YATA Supermarket chain and department stores have an official Facebook page (in Chinese) at www.facebook.com/yatahk.